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Manila, Philippines – The Las Piñas City government announced that 1,100 youths who recently graduated for completing various Information Technology (IT) courses will be included in the roster of job applicants in

Lockheed Martin Showcases New Training Technologies At I/ITSEC 2012 – Sacramento Bee

PR Web (press release)Lockheed Martin Showcases New Training Technologies At I/ITSEC 2012Sacramento BeeLockheed Martin offers one-on-one interviews to journalists about our training technologies and programs. To schedule an appointment, please contac …

Ann Dwyer's Entrepreneurs Blog – Crain's Chicago Business – Q&A – Tech industry veteran on the … ago

11/29/11 — Crain's brings you weekly news of seminars, networking events, awards dinners, contests and courses of interest to Chicago-area entrepreneurs. 11/28/11 — There are plenty of tech-entrepreneur stereotypes, such as that all techies are geeks, or they're all men, or they're all white, Asian or Indian.

IT Training and Education Offers Associate and Professional Certification with Cisco Technologies

Cisco® boasts one of the most robust certification programs in the IT industry. They offer three levels of internetworking certification, which represent various levels of expertise: Associate, Professional, and Expert (CCIE).

IT Training and Education offers various IT courses online to support the achievement of associate and professional certification with Cisco technologies…

  • Wireless
  • Design
  • Internetworking
  • Network Security
  • Routing and Switching
  • Security
  • Service Provider
  • Storage Networking
  • Voice

Featured IT Courses by Cisco…

Analyzing Incidents and Designing Intrusion Detection and Prevention v2.0

This IT course will allow you to develop an intrusion detection system that best fits a customer’s requirements. In this course, you will analyze incidents and design intrusion detection and prevention systems.

Advanced Voice Security

In this IT training course, you will identify security considerations, as well as potential sources of risks. You will also identify Voice over IP technology vulnerabilities within the infrastructure and design and evaluate the physical security of the phone, hosts, and network infrastructure, as well as network access control.

Additionally, you will identify methods of securing the host, design a successful host security implementation, and identify various sources of security information. You will use cryptography to design, manage, and implement cryptographic tools, as well as use the methods and strategies of application layer cryptography that are available in voice networks to design and implement cryptography at the application layer. You will also use CallManager features for access control, and control external access to the voice network from external networks.

Wireless Technology v1.0

In this course, you will examine wireless technology fundamentals.

Cisco SDH Products

In this course, you will identify the major components and functionality of the individual Cisco SDH optical products and solutions. You will learn the various module options and service available and identify typical scenarios and customer needs suited to Cisco SDH optical products.

CIW Internetworking Professional: TCP/IP Internetworking

You are familiar with the use of networks, for both work and personal purposes. In order to function efficiently as a network administrator, you want to learn about the technical aspects of a network. Be it an appliance or an application, you can begin using something effectively only if you learn about it comprehensively. The same holds good for a network.

TCP/IP is a popular network protocol used in both heterogeneous and Windows-based networks. It enables reliable, secure, and instant communication over a network. The TCP/IP protocol suite is the dominant commercial architecture. In this course, you will identify the constituents of a network to be able to deploy and manage networks.

This course is targeted at IT professionals who possess a basic understanding of networks, and desire to validate their knowledge by obtaining the CIW certification. It is also targeted at students who want to obtain mid-level knowledge on network administration, gain proficiency in defining network architecture, identifying infrastructure components, monitoring and analyzing network performance, and designing, managing, and troubleshooting enterprise TCP/IP networks.

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Jobs Available After Taking IT Online Courses

The future of the world lies in the hands of computers and the people that who know how to run them properly. Everything is now being run through the Internet and people are finding careers on the Internet in the area of information technology. There are plenty of IT online courses that can lead you to a career that you have never thought about. Though you might think that you know very little about computers and this is not the course to take, this should not stop you from starting a career in the IT world. Here are a few jobs that you can expect to get after taking IT online courses.

Web Site Design

Business owners will admit that the one thing that will truly help their business grow is a good website. This is why they pay good money to have someone design their website to help enhance the company’s overall reputation. A lot of business owners will continue to pay a lot of money because this is where the sales and advertisement comes from and so this is a career path that you can take if you are looking to really make some good money with information technology and finally start your own career.


A lot of computer developers will need programmers and the demand for a top programmer will never go down. Business owners and computer developers will always need programmers and this is also a career path that can lead to bigger opportunities. A lot of computer programmers have gone on to become entrepreneurs because of their expertise in the computer programming world. This is a growing career and should be something that you can look into as a viable career choice.

Equity Analyst

As crazy as this may sound, an IT certified pro can actually venture off to other careers. This is an investment industry position and it can be found in equity research firms and investment advisors. When you are an equity analyst, you will be able to cover the companies’ business plans and their marketing strategies. Their financial results will also be in your hands and so you will need to be good with numbers. You will also be able to stay current with the companies’ investments and you will be a big part of the company’s future

Most of these jobs are not affected by the economy and the demand for these jobs are always high. You will need to focus on being able to finish your IT online courses to be able to find your home in the IT world. There are countless opportunities that you can take advantage of and it really is all about being able to know what you are good at and then presenting this to employers. If you are serious about being able to find a career that you will be getting a good salary, then you need to understand that taking IT online courses is a great way to reach that goal that you have for yourself.

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Latest IT Industry News, Blog Posts and Videos

After doing some research I found some interesting videos, blog posts and news in the IT industry this week…

VMware Online Training – Configure Private VLAN IDs

During the delivery of VMware Training Courses, I’ve noticed students who are really interested in how to configure the Cisco Switch in order to use Private VLAN IDs. This session will show you how to configure dvPortGroup Settings and Private VLANs …

Online Education Promotes Strong Minds – Online College Courses


Would you continue to take classes and work on your degree if you found out the degree wouldn't help you reach your academic and career goals? Doug L.

Reasons for Choosing a Web Design Course Online | Online


As a result, many customers are now opting for courses online. This is a cost-effective way to learn HTML, while effectively creating captivating sites within a set time and budget. There are several benefits associated with

More online classes just one tech trend for colleges – Utica Observer Dispatch

More online classes just one tech trend for collegesUtica Observer DispatchBecause of the growth in online course offerings, people who never could have found the time or money to get degrees now are able to do so. For example, SUNYIT offers a master …

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Be Ready For Your Opportunity And Get Your IT Certification

I was reading “The Big Moo: Stop Trying To Be Perfect and Start Being Remarkable” this morning, and I’d recommend this book to anyone who wants to improve their career and their future. And that’s you, right?

There was one particular line that really stood out to me: Betting on change is always the safest bet available. That describes life perfectly, but it also describes a career in Information Technology as well. There is no field in the world that has the constant and never-ending changes that IT does. And every single one of us can look at this as a massive opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Is that how you’re looking at it? I remember when I passed my first IT certification exam, the Novell CAN, back in 1997. Man, I thought I knew it all then! But I quickly learned that you’ve got to keep learning in IT. I also learned that if you’re willing to put in the work and make the sacrifices, there’s no other field with the limitless potential for growth and excellence.

Like everyone else, my career has had its ups and downs, but I always kept learning and growing. Today, I’ve got my dream job, working with students and customers just like you – to help you create your own future.

You can’t start studying and learning when the opportunity arrives – you’ve got to be ready when opportunity knocks. If you’ve been putting off studying for a Cisco or other IT certification then get back on track today. Because you never know what opportunities are going to come along – but you do know that when they do, you’ve got to be ready to take advantage. After all, opportunity really does knock only once!

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How to Prepare For Your IT Certification Exams

Most people who would like to get an IT certification hate taking certification exams. There is so much to do and so much to memorize in a short period of time that it seems like an impossible task.

They start looking for the solutions and pay their hard earned money for the list of questions and answers. There are a numerous tuition providers and some of them give strange guarantees. Like “guaranteed pass in 7 days or 14 days” or “full refund if you don’t pass”. The question then comes into mind is how can they give such guarantees?

This is simple, they give guarantees because some of them compile a long list of possible questions and answers, which they consider, would come up in exams. Amazingly this works most of the time, for majority of students. However for some strange reasons it does not work out for certain number of students. These students when find difficult questions in the list start to panic, they feel that they don’t know the subject well and are not ready for the exams. In some cases they even start to forget what they already know about the subject.

While some providers give only a list of possible questions and answers, the expensive ones provide full explanation for you to understand. It depends upon your budget as well as your time limit. Most students get serious about them just couple of weeks before the certification exam date. You might see them carrying around a thick certification book for couple of months but eventually they start looking for the tuition providers couple of weeks before the exam date.

Some ambitious students even wait until the last couple of days before losing confidence and then they start to look for the tuition providers. Certification exams are a cut above the traditional ones. With the traditional degree, you read, understand, learn and write and it typically takes 2 years or more to complete, no experience necessary or required.

Certification is different, people who go for it are either working in their chosen field or have acquired experience previously working in the field. Certification is just an enhancement to prove that they know the subject inside out. The best part is something to put after your name such as MCSD, CCNP, and CLP etc…

They have been working in their chosen field, so it is possible for them to study couple of weeks and get the certification. They know the subject inside out anyway, certification is just the technical part and therefore they need couple of weeks before they go for exams. Some employers require candidates with certifications but most of them still look for experienced ones instead of certified ones.

So if you are considering taking IT certification exams try to choose the tuition provider who gives you the most current and updated material. There is a lot of competition in this market and the prices are going down daily. Therefore, some tuition providers are not updating their material as often as they should and might give you the old information. They might look cheap but you get what you pay for!

If you are serious about certification then don’t make a mistake of leaving the search for the tuition provider to the last minute. Doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have about the subject, you would make your life a lot easier if you get in touch with the tuition provider as early as possible. After all a good rested mind and a lot of confidence is required to pass your certification exams. Plus of course the questions and answers list. You can find a number of tuition providers on the Web.

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